Why use a Realtor When Buying a Home?

Are you planning to buy a new home for your family? Then, you must first understand some important things in the process of home buying. If you are not aware on how the transaction works in terms of buying a home, you might need the assistance of a real estate agent.  But before hiring an agent always remember that real estate licences are typically not the same, as only those agents who are member of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS are qualified to be recognized as REALTORS. The distinction that you can consider is that, in their business cards a REALTOR trademark is indicated.

One of the widely recognize real estate broker is Susan Kazarian who is servicing throughout Visalia, California. Here are the reasons Why use a Realtor When Buying a Home

  • A REALTOR, like Susan Kazarian, can guide you in identifying your buying capacity, which pertains to your financial assets and borrowing ability. Once you provide your basic information to a REALTOR regarding your open income, savings and existing debt, the REALTOR can refer you to some lenders or providers that best qualified in assisting you. Majority of the lenders, like the banks and the mortgage firms, offers a limited selection.
  • Your real estate broker has abundant resources that can help you in searching for your home. Sometimes the properties that you are searching are available; however not advertised actively in the market, and require some examination through your agent to identify all available deal.
  • In Visalia, California, Susan Kazarian is the REALTOR that can guide you in the process of selection through offering an information goal regarding every property. REALTORS can provide the information on the local community regarding zoning, utilities, schools, and many more.
  • Being a REALTOR, Susan Kazarian can also guide you in terms of inspections and negotiations. There is plenty of negotiating aspect, like price, financing, date of possession, terms, and the inclusion or elimination of repairs, furnishings, or appliances. Purchase agreement must offer you time in completing the appropriate investigations and inspections of the property prior of completing the purchase. The real estate agent can instruct regarding which inspections and investigations are required or recommended.
  • Susan Kazarian offers due diligence through the evaluation of property. Dependent on the property and area, it may involve inspections for dry rot, termites, asbestos, roof condition, faulty structure, and septic tank. Being REALTOR, Kazarian can support you in locating qualified and responsible professionals to perform most of these examinations and give you a written report.


These are just some of the reasons why use a realtor when buying a home. The real estate agents, like Susan Kazarian, can help you throughout the whole process of your home buying. She has the full capacity of giving you the kind of information that you need, especially if you select to purchase property in Visalia, California. In order to make your home buying become worthy, do not hesitate to grab the services offered by the REALTORS.