What are “Pre-Listings”?

They are properties that owners want to sell but don’t want to list in the MLS right away. Some have privacy concerns and not want “lookie loos” traipsing through their property. That is one of many reasons people turn to pre-listing a property.

As a Modern Broker agent I have pre-listings because of private access to hundreds of agents that have buyers and sellers looking for the perfect match. When you decide on me I start talking to my group and usually something comes up. Another way I get more exposure is promoting it as a coming soon property. No address or specific identifiers are used but this gets people looking for something in your area contacting me.

These are a few things I use and many of these types of transactions happen discreetly , quickly and both sides are happier.

Contact me to see if this is a good fit (seller or buyer) or not. If you have reviewed my testimonials out there you will see I put your needs first so don’t expect me to be like the real estate agents you have met before.

Let’s have a no obligation chat on your next real estate adventure. 🙂