Garden by Room

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Written by Catriona Tudor Erler Define Your Outdoor Spaces with a Green Floor Plan The idea of dividing a garden into distinct rooms is almost as old as history. It makes sense. By breaking up an open space into defined rooms, you create useful outdoor living areas, encouraging people to extend their indoor activities outside. [...]


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Located in a desirable suburban area just outside of Toronto, Ontario, this 1,600-square-foot home, built in the 1960s, has eight-foot ceilings and builder-grade finishes. The owner wanted the relatively small (12-by-16-foot) living room reimagined into something functional with a light and fresh new feel. “We had to seriously consider every design decision to completely transform [...]

Might Post

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Whether you have time to visit only one or all five, start each day in a new park with a stop at the visitors’ center; there you’ll get a good idea of the day’s weather as well as any park alerts in effect, and you can scout the souvenirs, too. If you don’t already have [...]

Streamside Solutions

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New Weekly Article - Streamside Solutions || Home By Design How to Protect Water Quality with Buffer Gardens   Written by Catriona Tudor Erler Today, most bodies of water are at risk for pollution due to nearby development and agriculture activities. Fortunately, there is a lot that waterfront homeowners can do to protect their valuable [...]